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Product Information-Wire rod
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Wire rod: one of the steel wire, usually refers to a steel wire rod rolled down by 'high-speed without twisting mill', the common low carbon steel without twisting cold control, hot rolling rod (ZBH4403-88) and quality carbon steel without twisting cold control, hot rolling rod (ZBH4403-88).
Wire rod rolling speed is at 80-160meter/second, each blade weight (dish heavy) is in 1.8-2.5 tons.
The size tolerance high accuracy is up to 0.02mm. During the rolling process (especially on the cooling line), we can assure the different products dimension through adjusting the technological parameter.

The application of Wire rod:

1. The reinforcement bars of building reinforced coagulation soil or welding structural part
2. Drawn into Kinds of steel wire, entwisted into steel wire rope, knitted into steel wire net, then twisted, molded and heat treated into spring.
3. Heat and cold forged into rivet, cold forged and rolled into bolt and screw, etc.
4. Cut and heat treated into machinery parts or tools, etc.

The differences among common steel wire and half steel wire rod:

Main differences are the milling speed and joint quantity.

Wire rod milling speed is much faster, on average at 80-160 meters/minute, without joint in the single rod. Comparing with common wire rod, wire rod has the advantages of quick operation speed, large rod weight (2500kg maximum), as well as tight and good-looking of package.

The wire rod refers to the rod milled by the common mill (train compound double mill). The milling speed is 20-60meters/minute, each rod weight is 0.4-0.6tons (each big rod in the market constituted by the three pillars six-headed), and product properties can be assured according to the wind or air on the cooling line during the milling process.

The half steel wire rod actually is a good quality common wire rod, which milling speed is between the other two wire rods.

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